The Food Bank of Bolivia was born through the initiative of young volunteers, and to this day, volunteers continue to be a fundamental pillar for the development of each of our activities. Learn about the different types of volunteering and activities that volunteers carry out.

Types of volunteering

  • Individual
    They are those people who want to contribute to our cause by donating their time.
  • Corporate
    They are groups of collaborators from allied companies and institutions that donate their time and commit to a cause that is aligned with their Corporate Social Responsibility programs.
  • School
    They are groups of high school students who donate their time to complete a minimum of volunteer hours. The activity aims to raise awareness among students and their families, showing them a reality of Bolivia that not everyone knows and giving them the possibility of transforming it from their place.
  • NGO
    They are the groups of people who belong to organizations with philanthropic purposes and who donate their time to contribute to our vision.

Volunteer activities

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